Refining The Web

img_9087-largeRefining The Web was founded in 2012 in an effort to improve the quality and longevity of business websites. Sites were being churned out and handed over to businesses with little to no training or support. From there, they remained unused, out of date, and insecure. Our goal was to pick up where the design agency left off and provide support for these businesses to keep their websites updated and secure.

Over the next few years, we found that many businesses had a very real need for more support than just an hour or two per week. They needed high level consulting and engineering expertise, but not yet enough for a full time employee and all of the overhead that goes along with them. They also needed support across a larger segment of their processes and products – not just their public websites.

It became clear that our value was in providing this high level engineer expertise across the entire business at a fraction of the cost as what it would take to hire the same resources directly. We are also able to scale this service up or down as business conditions and project deliverables change.

Got a project that needs support? Reach out and let us know!