702 Housing, LLC Hosting

$50.00 / month



Customized hosting plan for 702 Housing, LLC. WordPress optimized website hosting will be provided for three websites:

  • https://702housing.com/
  • https://land-now.com/
  • https://nesthopper.com/

Hosting notes:

  • Websites will be hosted in our San Francisco, CA datacenter.
  • HTTPS/SSL certificates will be provided for all websites listed above.
  • Uptime monitoring will be installed and configured to notify Refining The Web, LLC of any downtime.
  • Domain name and DNS will remain hosted at GoDaddy in account owned by Sam Kayvon.
  • Local database backup will be configured to run once per day and retain up to 14 backups.
  • Local file backup will be configured to run once per week and retain up to 2 backups.
  • Server security and software updates will be handled by Refining The Web, LLC staff.
  • WordPress core and plugin updates will be handled by 702 Housing, LLC staff. Refining The Web will provide training videos to demonstrate the site update process.